Ace Studio ISDN Voice-over
Over 200 Voices across 50 Languages ~~ all available via ISDN Audio ~~ emailable Mp3 voice sample database.

A high standard of both English and Foreign voice-overs are available via ISDN, just email your script for a quote.
Voice-overs can usually be sourced at short notice, we dial though to their broadcast quality studios anywhere in the world but control and digitally record your script at Northampton, sessions can be attended or we can undertake them on your behalf. 

Recent voices added to database: Thai - Mp3 samples available.ISDN voice over

For the technically minded the system we use works by encoding the audio 'live' into a Mpeg Layer 2 digital stream,
the normal bit rate used is 128 kbits/sec which requires two ISDN lines (64kbits/sec each), the codecs stream the digital data
over the two lines, this provides a broadcast quality audio connection even if the studio is many thousands of miles
away, so whether one is working with, Milan, Miami or Sydney, the quality is always crystal clear!


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